Just click on the title to get the recipe (and sometimes video) on how we have boosted up the flavor and nutrition of some classic dishes/drinks with our products, primarily our versatile Land & SEAsonings spice mix.

Mermaid Chicken Salad
We’ve put a healthier spin on the classic chicken salad. Serve it chilled and spoon it on a lettuce leaf. Our Land & SEAsoning spice mix adds flavor and nutrition.

Mermaid Shepherd’s Pie
Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day. A delicious recipe from one of our Mermaids’ Irish grandmother, plus a little history about this dish.

Country Style Pork Ribs
Oh these are so good – tender and delicious! Provided by one of our customers who used our Land & SEAsonings as a rub.

Meal Replacement Smoothie
Try this Smoothie recipe (for 2) when you don’t feel like eating a meal, but want something nutritious and tasty…it’s loaded with so many healthy things.

The Incredible Cauliflower
We talk about this versatile, nutritious vegetable and give you not just one recipe, but offer six different ways to fix cauliflower that are easy and simple to do.

Merman Salsa
Jay our “Merman” created this recipe which uses canned tomatoes. It is quite tasty, and since it includes some of our Land & SEAsoning, it boosts nutrition as well.

Detox New Potatoes
Here’s a quick video from Kathleen’s trip to Colombia, South America where she’s fixing boiled new potatoes in a detox broth

Left-Over Steak & Vegetable Soup
Don’t let that left-over steak sit in the fridge, just cube it up the next day and follow this tasty recipe with a twist.

Gourmet Seasoned Popcorn
You’ll never go back to microwaved popcorn again.
So addictive!

Mermaid-Style Bloody Mary
Make a healthier, tastier Bloody Mary, with or without your favorite Vodka.

Mermaid Deviled Eggs
Over the holidays Kathleen cooked up this video while she was making her special brand of deviled eggs.