Just click on the title to get the recipe (and sometimes video) on how we have boosted up the flavor and nutrition of some classic dishes/drinks with our products, primarily our versatile Land & SEAsoning spice mix.

Panazenella Summer Salad
With all of the wonderful farmer’s market produce available now, a different spin on the traditional tomato, cucumber and onion salad is to fix a Panzanella salad. A popular Italian salad, there are many variations of it, but at its core it includes bread, fresh ripe tomatoes, cucumbers and onions tossed in olive oil and vinegar.

Hot Roasted Garlic Black Bean Soup
We love this really healthy recipe for Hot Roasted Garlic Black Bean Soup from Ava Jane’s Kitchen, and wanted to share it – add our Land & SEAsoning and some Nori Flakes for added nutrition.

Fermented Cranberry Salsa
Cranberries are a classic example of food as medicine. And this spicy, tangy, fruity salsa recipe (we found online) is a perfect treat. It also brings even more medicinal benefits, including ginger. Plus we’ve suggested a couple of modifications (e.g., prickly pear!).

Mermaid Sweet Potato Soup
Soup is already pretty healthy, so it’s easy to make substitutions that make the recipe really nutrient-dense, especially when we add our Land & SEAsoning and make potato soup with sweet potatoes.

Roasted Pork Pineapple Fried (Miracle) Rice
We used Miracle Noodle’s zero fat, zero cholesterol, zero sugars and zero sodium Miracle RIce, with just 3 grams of carbs per (rice) serving to make this yummy roasted pork pineapple fried rice. We kick up the flavor and nutrition with our Land & SEAsoning spice mix.

Old-Fashioned Beef Stew Redux – Mermaid Style
You’ll love this delicious beef stew passed down through the family, but updated using our Land & SEAsoning spice mix. Perfect for the cold nights to come!

Roasted Pumpkin Seeds – Mermaid Style
Pumpkin seeds may be small, but they’re packed full of valuable nutrients. And they are so easy to add to your diet – as a snack, on salads, with roasted veggies, in a trail mix and more!

Mermaid Spicy Roasted Sweet Potatoes
Sweet Potatoes are so good for us , and there are many benefits to eating them. They are best roasted both for nutrition and taste; try our spicy recipe and you’ll be boiling or baking no more!

Mermaid Taco Salad
Sometimes you just need your Mexican food fix. Our Mermaid Taco Salad is healthy and nutritious with its all-natural ingredients. Both ground beef and chicken recipes provided.

Spicy Roasted Broccoli
With this roasted broccoli recipe, we spice it up a little in terms of both flavor and nutrition with our Land & SEAsoning mix and a few other “spicy” ingredients if you so desire.

Pineapple Lassi Smoothie
Feeling bloated? We ran across this article and recipe in Cooking Light about the three best foods to fight bloating, and a recipe that contains all three and wanted to share.

Mermaid Ranch Dressing
The traditional recipe of the ever-popular Ranch Dressing is often full of calories, fat, and sodium. So we created a healthy, protein-packed version of the recipe with the addition of Greek yogurt and Nori Flakes.

French Potato Salad
Just in time for the Fourth of July, we’ve put our spin on French Potato Salad – the flavors are tangy and robost without the excessive fat and calories of mayonnaise. Ooh La La!

Watermelon Gazpacho – Mermaid Style
This watermelon variation is the perfect combination of savory and sweet and it’s full of all-natural fresh ingredients. So tasty, so healthy, so fresh!

Mermaid Compound Butter
Compound butters are mixtures of butter and flavorful herbs or spices. So, we thought how tasty (and nutritious!) our Land & SEAsoning would be as a base spice.

Mermaid Grilled Shrimp & Vegetable Bowl
You’ll love this dish of grilled shrimp, corn, peppers and zucchini topped with fresh avocado and lime juice, seasoned with our Land & SEAsoning – so tasty you’ll want to make it all summer long.

Mermaid Spicy Roasted Chickpeas
We did a little experimenting, and there just aren’t enough superlatives to describe how yummy these Chickpeas are – and so simple to make!

10 Yummy & Healthy Salad Dressing Recipes
Here are a few of our favorites we’ve collected over the years (we’ve tweaked them a bit), plus a few original ones from our Mermaid kitchen!

Deviled Eggs – A Dozen Ways
Turn up the flavor and Nutrition of your Deviled Eggs. We give you 12 tasty and creative ways to make deviled eggs more than a tradition, using the same base yolk mixture

Mermaid Chicken Salad
We’ve put a healthier spin on the classic chicken salad. Serve it chilled and spoon it on a lettuce leaf. Our Land & SEAsoning spice mix adds flavor and nutrition.

Mermaid Shepherd’s Pie
Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day. A delicious recipe from one of our Mermaids’ Irish grandmother, plus a little history about this dish.

Country Style Pork Ribs
Oh these are so good – tender and delicious! Provided by one of our customers who used our Land & SEAsonings as a rub.

Meal Replacement Smoothie
Try this Smoothie recipe (for 2) when you don’t feel like eating a meal, but want something nutritious and tasty…it’s loaded with so many healthy things.

The Incredible Cauliflower
We talk about this versatile, nutritious vegetable and give you not just one recipe, but offer six different ways to fix cauliflower that are easy and simple to do.

Merman Salsa
Jay our “Merman” created this recipe which uses canned tomatoes. It is quite tasty, and since it includes some of our Land & SEAsoning, it boosts nutrition as well.

Detox New Potatoes
Here’s a quick video from Kathleen’s trip to Colombia, South America where she’s fixing boiled new potatoes in a detox broth

Left-Over Steak & Vegetable Soup
Don’t let that left-over steak sit in the fridge, just cube it up the next day and follow this tasty recipe with a twist.

Gourmet Seasoned Popcorn
You’ll never go back to microwaved popcorn again.
So addictive!

Mermaid-Style Bloody Mary
Make a healthier, tastier Bloody Mary, with or without your favorite Vodka.

Mermaid Deviled Eggs
Over the holidays Kathleen cooked up this video while she was making her special brand of deviled eggs.