Just click on the title to get the recipe (and sometimes video) on how we have boosted up the flavor and nutrition of some classic dishes/drinks with our products, primarily our versatile Land & SEAsonings spice mix.

Merman Salsa
Jay our “Merman” created this recipe which uses canned tomatoes. It is quite tasty, and since it includes some of our Land & SEAsoning, it boosts nutrition as well.

Detox New Potatoes
Here’s a quick video from Kathleen’s trip to Colombia, South America where she’s fixing boiled new potatoes in a detox broth

Left-Over Steak & Vegetable Soup
Don’t let that left-over steak sit in the fridge, just cube it up the next day and follow this tasty recipe with a twist.

Gourmet Seasoned Popcorn
You’ll never go back to microwaved popcorn again.
So addictive!

Mermaid-Style Bloody Mary
Make a healthier, tastier Bloody Mary, with or without your favorite Vodka.

Mermaid Deviled Eggs
Over the holidays Kathleen cooked up this video while she was making her special brand of deviled eggs.