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Our newsletter contains a variety of content we think you’ll enjoy. Of course we include highlights of the many health benefits of seaweed and mushrooms, we’ll share our monthly health tips, and we provide a recipe or two. We’ll detail upcoming events where we will be exhibiting our products, and then provide news of any new products we may launching and/or special offers or discounts on our products. And, we’ll also provide a quick overview with link to our current “Musings” (our Blog). So check it out and then we invite you to subscribe so that you can receive it via email.

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Our Recipes
Here you will find PDF versions of all of our recipes, should you want a print version vs. following the recipe on your laptop, phone or tablet. You can also email and share any recipe with friends and family. We currently are in progress of converting our recipes to PDFs, but please check out our recipe page for a link to it…you can always print-it out from the site for now.