About Kathleen

After over 40 years of nurturing clients as a cosmetologist, esthetician now as a certified health coach from Integrative Nutrition, Kathleen has witnessed the effects of nutrition, stress, toxins, all which play a part in the aging process which generally appears in the skin and body in various ways. 

By studying various diets, it became clear to her that we all have a lot to learn about the need for an individualized biome approach.

Each person has different reactions from  their exposure to foods, atmosphere, toxins, stress etc. Each individual person inherits a whole array of cellular based conditions which science and humans are just beginning to appreciate. Appreciating that cellular individuality, there are some influences that are universal.

That is what inspires Kathleen to promote plant based ancient and modern resources for topical and culinary use. Seaweed and healing mushrooms are two main plant-based resources that contribute to overall wellness for people and our earth.

Kathleen (the Midwest Mermaid Muse), makes small batch, all natural topical and culinary products created in Kansas City. Her wellness and beauty solutions are from whole plant sources and are to be experienced for wellness and beauty inside and out.

Kathleen believes that there is just so much chatter out there in the world. Sadly, most of it never really reaches the heart of the matter. With her products and approach, she’s here to encourage, coach and train you to live life to the full.

Kathy also maintains another website for her cosmetology and health coach activities — if interested, go to presentationskc.com.