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Midwest Mermaid Muse products take a dual approach to wellness and beauty, both inside and out. Most of Kathleen’s skincare and culinary products (made in small batches) contain seaweed and/or healing medicinal mushrooms which have been in use since ancient times for their nutritional benefits.


To order, read more about the product, review its ingredients, check out specials/promotions we may have on it, click on the link before the images. You can add your purchase to the shopping cart at that point..

Culinary Products

Land & SEAsoning
An all-purpose seasoning packed with nutrients, that can be used on your favorite salads, vegetables, meats or seafood. Our Land & SEAsoning won’t have you leaping buildings in a single bound, however, it has so many benefits that will excite you.

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Mermaid Munchies Savory Trailmix
Our special version of trailmix, the single-serving packet is loaded with all natural, tasty and healthy items seasoned with our Land & SEAsoning spice mix. The ingredients fluctuate depending on the time of the year, around holidays and what might inspire us! But it’s consistently savory and yummy. “After a couple of bites, this mix gets addictive!”

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Sea Shroom Beverage Booster
Add a little “Super Power” to virtually any of your favorite beverages. Approximately 4 servings to a packet, add about a 1/4 teaspoon. Also comes in a Cacao flavor.

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Beverage Booster Regular
Beverage Booster w/Cacao

Skincare Products

Detox Bath Soak
A soak that is perfect for hydrating the skin, helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles, exfoliates, works wonders for rashes and skin irritations. One order includes five, 2 ounce packets

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Healing Hand Sand
Treat your skin to a little luxury. Exfoliate, polish, and smooth your skin.   Full of detoxifying and hydrating properties. This product is extremely concentrated and very little is needed to achieve great results.

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1 Kit – $23.00

Pedicure/Manicure Kit
Includes enough of our Detox Soak and Healing Hand Sand for one pedicure and two manicures. You won’t believe how soft and smooth your hands and feet/legs will feel after using these products. Also included is a 7-sided nail buffer and cuticle remover.

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1 Pair – $53.00

Tremella & Seaweed Vitamin C Nighttime Repair Toner & Serum
For hyper-pigmentation, dark spots and texture. Made in small batches for order. Refrigerate for maximum efficacy. Comes as a pair, and lasts approximately one month.

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