Mermaid Compound Butter

Compound butters are mixtures of butter and flavorful herbs or spices. So, we thought how tasty (and just as importantly, nutritious!) our Land & SEAsoning would be as a base spice. Make this ahead of time to keep in the fridge, and use it over grilled steak, fish, corn-on-the-cob and roasted vegetables. Spread it on crusty warm bread and stir it into decadent sauces. So easy to fix, savory with a little bit of a spicy bite.

1 stick softened, unsalted butter (or you can use Ghee for increased health benefits)
1/2 Tablespoons dried Nori Flakes
1 Teaspoons Land & SEAsoning spice mix

Double ingredients if need more than one roll of butter. However, adjust the Nori Flakes and Land & SEAsoning to your taste, adding ingredients gradually, e.g, you may not want a full tablespoon of Nori if you double the recipe.

To achieve the fluffiest butter, you can whip it with a hand mixer or in a blender. However, you can also make it in a bowl with a fork like shown above, it’s that easy.  

  1. Soften the butter with a fork in small bowl.
  2. Add the butter and mix until the Nori/Land & SEAsoning are completely incorporated.
  3. Transfer the butter mixture to a sheet of parchment paper (or plastic wrap or wax paper) and spread into the shape of a roll about 1 inch in diameter. Roll the paper tightly around the butter and refrigerate for at least two hours – midway-through, roll the butter (keep the wrap on) to achieve a rounder shape.
  4. Slice into pats to use.

Note:  Coconut oil, which softens very easily and solidifies in the fridge, makes a great substitute. Of course, it will lend a coconut taste to the “butter,” but that works out favorably for things like corn-on-the-cob – spread the butter on the ears, grill, then squeeze a little lime juice over the ears before serving. And as mentioned above, you can also use Ghee instead of the butter.

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