Inspiration #1 – Meet Wendy Bost

Note: This is the first in a series of blog articles called “Inspirations” – we are going to either do personal interviews with those who inspire us, or we’ll be showcasing places, books and other things that are inspirational as well. 

Helping People on Their Journey to Feel Better

One doesn’t need to be famous – be it an author, an athlete, a motivational speaker, a politician, a religious leader or any celebrity to be inspirational. We all have had in our lives inspirational people who are not famous, but who have a special gift to provide encouragement and inspiration to others. Their positivity, can-do attitude and their ability to always see a solution versus the problem, is on display as part of their DNA. They generate confidence and provide support. They inspire us to think, to be better, to make something happen.

Wendy Bost is one of these people. You get inspired by just listening to her – not only listening to what she says, but how she says it. It’s not that she is enthusiastic and a cheerleader in her approach (and she is), it’s that she’s genuinely interested in and sincere about helping you. As a certified health coach, she helps others on their journey to more healthy living and eating. She helps on their journey to feel better and make the changes in their life to do so. She makes things happen.

Several years ago, Wendy was making her living in the corporate world in communications (that’s why she’s a great listener!) and like many before her and many today, the stress was taking a toll. She suffered from health issues that doctors wanted to fix with medication. But she decided to take control on her own health – by doing a little research she discovered the root causes to most health issues included three things: 1) lack of gut health; 2) blood sugar swings; and 3) inflammation.  

So, around the time she was leaving the corporate world she set about addressing those root causes of her own health issues/symptoms by improving gut health, balancing blood sugar, and reducing inflammation. Per Wendy, “bringing balance to your inside will show on the outside!”  She says that when she healed her gut, and balanced her blood sugar, all her previous symptoms went away.

Along the way of her own health journey, Wendy discovered Plexus Worldwide. About four years ago, she started out with a few of their products and was impressed with how they helped her and others. “Plexus uses top-notch ingredients that are plant-based and/or marine-based. They have the highest of manufacturing standards, not only in the U.S. but also in Europe, where standards of testing are even higher, and in Canada, who has very stringent standards for health supplements.”

She always has had a strong desire to help people, and that’s why she wanted to help people on their own journeys to feel better. “I wanted to help others live their best life not distracted by their health. To find a purpose, and how to be accountable to change.”

Eventually, Wendy became a certified Holistic Health Coach with Plexus on a part-time basis (she’s also a Career Coach). In her role as a health coach, Wendy says she “helps people gain energy, lose weight, get healthy from the inside out … and lose a lot of symptoms along the way!”

Wendy is very disciplined when it comes to what she eats and in exercising. “Consistency is huge…it’s not about being on a diet or going to the gym or using Plexus products, those are all tools. It’s about your daily lifestyle and again, improving those three root causes.”

So not surprisingly, along the way Wendy became an expert in detoxification, blood sugar, and gut health – “important keys in setting your body and health on the right course.”  Wendy stresses that “balancing blood sugar is a game changer for weight loss.”

Wendy’s typical day is to have a protein-based breakfast such as a shake or smoothie, or an egg and some fruit. She also takes her supplements in the morning. Mid-day or thereabout, she has a salad and something protein based. For dinner, she has a protein, vegetable and fruit – Wendy says she’s good with “just eating simple.” She is usually done eating by 6 or 6:30PM. She also works out almost every day, and always does it first thing in the morning (or she says, “the day will get away from you, at least me, and I won’t get it done.”)

She doesn’t have too many cravings, because she says that “when you balance your blood sugar, your cravings go away.” Wendy occasionally indulges in seasonal items like this past Easter, she had a couple of Robin Eggs. And sometimes she likes to have a salty snack. She likes to eat at places like Chipotle’s or Panera’s – with good fresh, plant-based choices. The burrito salad bowl without the rice and/or beans is something she enjoys for a quick lunch or dinner.

She stays away from sodas and coffee. “Water is huge, and everyone should be drinking at least 64 ounces a day.” More often than not, Wendy consumes way more then that requirement. When she wants that soda fizz, she has sparkling water and she also drinks black tea.

We were delighted to hear that Wendy also uses our Land & SEAsoning spice mix to add nutrition when she recently used it in a spaghetti sauce she was fixing for dinner one night. Like Midwest Mermaid Muse, she supports the many benefits of seaweed – “The Plexus Carb Blocker contains brown seaweed, it helps prevent carbs from being absorbed, but gives thyroid support with the iodine contained in seaweed.”

While I know Wendy from my own affiliation with Plexus (I’m an Ambassador for the products), I constantly am inspired each time we talk with her “joie de vivre” attitude. She loves this time of year, so she can cut flowers from the garden and reflect on  and enjoy their presence. Her passions include her own continued personal/spiritual development and her relationships with friends and family.

Wendy is indeed inspirational to so many. She inspires me to stay the course on my own health journey and that of my own clients as a certified health coach. She makes me happy to just talk with her because of her enthusiastic and joyful approach to life and health.

Who inspires you in your life journey? Share below in comments, I’d love to know!

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