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Do What Needs to Be Done Now

The following has been appearing on the Internet in various people’s blogs and on social media sites for a couple of years now. I came upon it recently, and it really struck home with me and how important these words are and thought it was too good not to share. The author is Caitriona Loughrey.… Continue reading Do What Needs to Be Done Now

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Panazanella Summer Salad

With all of the wonderful farmer’s market produce available in July and August, a different spin on the traditional tomato, cucumber and onion salad is to fix a Panzanella salad. A popular Italian (especially Tuscan) salad, there are many variations of it, but at its core it includes bread, fresh ripe tomatoes, cucumbers and onions… Continue reading Panazanella Summer Salad

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Soups and Casseroles for Compassion

I miss the Sunday Social Suppers (pre-pandemic) where as a health coach, I hosted presenters and information on better self care. A supper for attendees as provided  in which almost every course (including dessert) either utilized  my Midwest Mermaid Muse Land & SEAsoning with additional seaweed/and or mushrooms to show the great variety of ways these… Continue reading Soups and Casseroles for Compassion

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The Midwest Mermaid Muse Gets Inspired in Mexico!

Sometimes cleaning closets and organizing for better efficiency and better sleeping at night means simplifying and elimination of what is not working and giving greater energy to the things that are working in your home and in your life.   My date at the beach ("Jaime") I also met people who helped me turn my “on”… Continue reading The Midwest Mermaid Muse Gets Inspired in Mexico!

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“We Really Wanted to Get our Hands on Some of this Magical Elixir!”

Note from Kathleen:Recently I received this very nice message from customer Rob Nold and his experiences with our Land & SEAsoning multi-purpose seasoning. So appreciative of customer feedback – thanks Rob!“My brother Dave and I were planning to visit our parents and we wanted to cook a meal for them for a special occasion. Brother… Continue reading “We Really Wanted to Get our Hands on Some of this Magical Elixir!”

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“Community Builds Immunity, Safety & Happiness”

Andrea Beaman (right) and myself (left) barefoot with beachy hair! I mentioned in last month's newsletter that I'd share a few highlights of the retreat I went on in the Outer Banks - "Take Back Your Health." I was so inspired by many of the classes and speakers, as well as some of the other… Continue reading “Community Builds Immunity, Safety & Happiness”

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“I Can’t Thank You Enough…”

I just wanted to share this wonderful note I received regarding the regimen I suggested to help Angie with her diverticulitis/digestive system ailments. We love hearing from our followers and clients! Kathy,I am writing you this letter to thank you.  Over the last several weeks I have been plagued with intense stomach pain, the inability… Continue reading “I Can’t Thank You Enough…”


Boost Your Health with SugaVida Burdock Chai Tea

Instead of the usual black tea, I wanted to create more of a therapeutic tea made from Burdock root, green tea, hibiscus and stinging nettle. Once you have all the ingredients in hand, this is easy to pull together a wonderful, healthy cup of hot tea. Tea Ingredients: Burdock root is very high in anti-inflammatories,… Continue reading Boost Your Health with SugaVida Burdock Chai Tea

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Now’s the Time to Tune-Up Your Immune System

With Fall being here rather suddenly with the latest record-breaking snow arrival, the need to build our immunity through various ways can help us keep balanced. If we do catch a cold or a flu of some kind, the symptoms can be usually reduced by good preparation. Personally, since my husband Jim and I have… Continue reading Now’s the Time to Tune-Up Your Immune System

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Non-Dairy Pesto With a Boost of the Sea

With an abundance of basil in gardens, now is a great time to make pesto and to use it on a variety of recipes -- pastas, salads, grilling fish, snacks and more. Kathleen Foland introduces her recipe that's packed both with flavor and nutrition! Ingredients:One and a half+cups tightly packed basilOne cup of nutritional… Continue reading Non-Dairy Pesto With a Boost of the Sea