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Fermented Cranberry Salsa

Recipe excerpted from The Herbalist’s Healing Kitchen by Devon Young. from Page Street Publishing Co., 2019.

We saw this Fermented Cranberry Salsa recipe online (written by Devon Young) and had to check it out. It’s an herbalist-favorite fermented cranberry salsa for gut health. As the article points out, cranberries are a classic example of food as medicine. And this spicy, tangy, fruity salsa is a perfect treat. It also brings even more medicinal benefits, including ginger.

While it uses honey to sweeten, one of the things you could do to sweeten it up a little is to add some prickly pear. (Prickly pear juice is often used to make jam or candy, but works wonders in cocktails and used in vinaigrettes for salads.) Or add prickly pear to your own favorite cranberry sauce and dial back on the sugar.

Also this Thanksgiving, check out the sweetener suggested by Miracle Noodle — SugaVida™. Organically and ethically sourced from the blossom of the Palmyra Palm Tree native to India and Sri Lanka, SugaVida™ is the 100% pure sugar alternative that is naturally rich in vitamins and minerals, and has a low glycaemic index (GI) of just 35. And for added flavor and nutrition, add two teaspoons of Nori flakes to the recipe.

While this salsa is great as a dip for chips, or to put on grilled meats, try it as a second cranberry offering to go with your roasted turkey this year. Some may love how it spices up their turkey, or some may prefer to eat it the next day with leftovers. (Many of us get a little fussy about our traditional Thanksgiving recipes, including cranberry sauce, so you might make both to keep everyone happy! We bet they will like this one better!)

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