Skin Care, Stress Relief

Feeling Glamorous!

Glamour??  Mermaid wrap with seaweed body masque and herbal tea/seaweed beverage (30 minute treatment).

My dog Nori wanted to join me!

My garden has been put to bed for winter and now it’s time to do some seasonal detox for a few days. Today included 30 minutes of yoga and a 30 minute workout in the Hypervibe . (Look on my website for information about the therapeutic effects of this machine that “is a shortcut to a better body.”)

Now that winter and depressing gray skies are here, this is my antidote. It is a challenge to carve out time to get back in back in the routine of working out /detoxification and restoration of vitamins and minerals. I feel so much better inside and out for making time for me at least twice a week with some sort of variation of this routine. Later in the week the routine will be a more intense facial masque and seaweed hair masque.

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