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Feeling Glamorous!

Glamour??  Mermaid wrap with seaweed body masque and herbal tea/seaweed beverage (30 minute treatment). My dog Nori wanted to join me! My garden has been put to bed for winter and now it’s time to do some seasonal detox for a few days. Today included 30 minutes of yoga and a 30 minute workout in… Continue reading Feeling Glamorous!

Skin Care

Flawless Skin – Tremella Mushroom

Yes, it is a gorgeous mushroom. Don’t let the looks or the name fool you. It is extremely powerful for both your insides as well as your gorgeous skin. Tremella Mushroom The Tremella Mushroom is basically magical at how hydrating it actually is. Hyalurnoic Acid is capable of holding 1000 times its weight and the… Continue reading Flawless Skin – Tremella Mushroom