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Flawless Skin – Tremella Mushroom

Yes, it is a gorgeous mushroom. Don’t let the looks or the name fool you. It is extremely powerful for both your insides as well as your gorgeous skin.

Tremella Mushroom

The Tremella Mushroom is basically magical at how hydrating it actually is. Hyalurnoic Acid is capable of holding 1000 times its weight and the Tremella Mushroom is capable of holding up to five times the amount of Hyaluronic Acid is capable of. This is one of the things that makes this an wonderful ingredient to be added to my skincare products to help retain moisture in your skin. It is protective, anti-imflammatory and it has anti-allergic properties.

Look at this video as it absorbs the water.

According to one study it even inhibits melanin formation (the dark spots) the ratio was found to at 59.7% which is much better than Vitamin C.

The Tremella Mushroom has been found to:

  • speed up the healing of wounds
  • deeply hydrate skin
  • improve elasticity
  • nourish the skin
  • brighten dark spots
  • naturally moisturize

The mushroom also has numerous benefits when consumed as well, it is indeed a superfood.

Tremella Mushroom – pay close attention to #4. This is why I use it in my all natural serum and toner. Thanks Mia for this wonderful video.

Rejuvenate – Moisturize – Hydrate
A Serum and Toner with the magical powers of the Tremella Mushroom is a must have for your skin care routine. Order your Tremella Mushroom Serum and Toner here.

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