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“Community Builds Immunity, Safety & Happiness”

Andrea Beaman (right) and myself (left) barefoot with beachy hair!

I mentioned in last month’s newsletter that I’d share a few highlights of the retreat I went on in the Outer Banks – “Take Back Your Health.” I was so inspired by many of the classes and speakers, as well as some of the other attendees’ health journeys, that I wanted to share a few things here.

Andrea Beaman, a noted holistic health coach, educator, natural foods chef and best-selling author, was one of the key speakers at the retreat. In this post she shared, she conveys the feelings most of us attendees felt in her article “Community Builds Immunity, Safety & Happiness.”

The retreat started in a virtual pre-event meeting to introducing ourselves. At this virtual introductory meeting, we were asked to be extra careful to take even more precautions for social distancing, mask wearing, etc., before we attended. For two weeks prior, we were asked to be extra fastidious and keep close to home and away from crowds.

A few of us attendees (myself included) were unavailable for the group picture. Photo by Rinat Halon Neal

All of the attendees have had (except me) serious health issues they have “journeyed through,” sometimes with several restarts as they tried different foods, exercises and other healing modalities such as Chinese herbs with various kinds of practitioners. Attendees all wanted to help others in discussion of their pursuit of wellness. Most of these people were told traditional allopathic (science-based, modern medicine) methods had all been exhausted, but these ladies refused to give up. Their courage, perseverance, humor and love for life shone brightly in all of their stories. It was not easy, though sometimes, it was really simple. It just took faith, determination and consistency.

The following pictures are various activities from the retreat such as skin care classes, yoga, and belly dancing. Other topics addressed during the retreat included clean sources of water, blue light reduction tools, Ayurvedic herbs for building the immune system and more. I share to convey the beautiful setting, scope of activities and camaraderie enjoyed.

During the retreat, I created hair conditioner for the attendees with Rose infused plain Greek yogurt. Then each individual could customize their own hair conditioner using that yogurt with various essential oil‘s or honey apple cider vinegar for their own particular hair and scalp needs.

Midwest Mermaid Muse’s Hair Conditioner Buffet

I took the following video to give a perspective of the location of the facility to the ocean. This was of a beautiful sunset one evening!

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  1. It was great meeting you. My hair enjoyed your yogurt and essential oil infused hair mask. It was awesome! And, I loved your heartfelt video at the end of your blog. Big hugs to your big heart. – Love Andrea

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