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“We Really Wanted to Get our Hands on Some of this Magical Elixir!”

Note from Kathleen:
Recently I received this very nice message from customer Rob Nold and his experiences with our Land & SEAsoning multi-purpose seasoning. So appreciative of customer feedback – thanks Rob!

“My brother Dave and I were planning to visit our parents and we wanted to cook a meal for them for a special occasion. Brother Dave was searching his heart on what he really wanted to make for them, and he asked me if I had any more of the Land & Seasoning spice blend that I had used on a dish that I had cooked for him recently. He said it was ‘fantastic!’ and he was hoping to have some on hand to cook for Mom and Dad.  He thought it might make the occasion feel a little more special and I agreed.

I told him that I liked the spice blend as much as he did and that I had used all of it. This was on a Sunday and we really wanted to get our hands on some of this magical elixir! I called the number on the spice packet, talked to some friendly folks to arrange a pickup, and lo and behold I had my hands upon another bottle within the hour! Now that’s customer service. We made a nice big dish of Mediterranean cauliflower for my parents with the Land & SEAsoning spice blend. It came out fantastic. We all enjoyed the food and the occasion so much! Thank you so much Kathy! Your special talents with spices helped make our day special! I am grateful.

I didn’t have decent lighting for a photo (of the dish) at my parents’ house, but this is what I made for supper last night. Mediterranean Brussel sprouts. Your seasoning has worked wonderfully for everything I’ve put it on so far. Only problem is that I am out. Used the whole bottle that fast.”

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