The Midwest Mermaid Muse Gets Inspired in Mexico!

Sometimes cleaning closets and organizing for better efficiency and better sleeping at night means simplifying and elimination of what is not working and giving greater energy to the things that are working in your home and in your life.  

My date at the beach (“Jaime”)

I also met people who helped me turn my “on” button (old school term) for spiritual self-help through nurturing self-love and sharing that love through meditation, deep breathing exercises and learning just today, this morning in fact how the science backed perception of mind body connection actually takes place physiologically. I will share that link with you who need “scientific proof” of mind body interactive systems and how disease occurs when we start compartmentalizing and separating our emotions from our bodies and the completeness/ wholeness of our perfectly designed bodies have been sabotaged.

Because of many concerns both personal and professional, I am trying to get a better handle on practical ways to continue to grow, love, learn and help bring awareness of things we can do to improve our wellness and beauty lifestyle for ourselves, our loved ones, and our earth.

Excited to have caught a fish, but released it back after taking this picture.

As a health coach, I need to become more focused on the things that I enjoy and feel authentic and feel like I can still help people improve their self-care. I have created topical and culinary products these last few years and thoroughly enjoy the reading and learning about the various plant-based nature provided healing modalities. 

Seaweed and healing medicinal mushrooms are both two plant-based functional foods that historically been shown to provide missing skin and body nutrition for all beings and our planet. 

Our soils, due to overuse of chemicals and harsh disruptive farming methods post WWII and the Industrial Age that were thought to be the best solution at the time, have resulted in many far-reaching negative consequences. We compartmentalized our needs/wants physically and psychologically without doing the research on how these changes affected the earth and its inhabitants.

Once ground up, part of the ingredients experimenting with for my new blend.

My plan is to support the influencers who care for our earth and applaud their reports and share them to my website for us to learn and appreciate the beauty of nature and our responsibilities for renewal not just consumption.

I also want to do my small part in doing something meaningful for every day by creating more seaweed and mushroom products and/or creating awareness of these powerful plant-based ingredients that help boost flavor and nutrition. This soapbox I tend to jump up and down on concerning the use of these two ingredients come from love of my family who have passed early because of lack of self-care/love and those who are still alive but are suffering and as a new grandmother who frets and stays awake nights thinking too much.

Therefore, I am no longer going to regularly make topical products except for fun and special occasions and as an occasional reminder that our skin is our largest organ and what we put in or on our skin ends up in our body with varying results.

So, let the blending, tasting, testing, exploring new and ancient culinary ingredients begin!

A display of chiles and other items at a local market.

My goal at this time, is to expand on the Land & SEAsoning theme or brand, its variations, and explorations as to their various applications in the kitchen and at the table for boosting flavor and nutrition. Sitting around the table with friends and family are necessary components of healthy lifestyle as proven by those people who live in the “Blue Zones” of longevity have been proven historically and medically.

Stay tuned for more updates on the latest creation for a Land & SEAsoning variation inspired while traveling through mid-Mexico and the Quintana Roo region of the Caribbean part of Mexico.

Attending a local cooking demo/class

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