Soups and Casseroles for Compassion

I miss the Sunday Social Suppers (pre-pandemic) where as a health coach, I hosted presenters and information on better self care. A supper for attendees as provided  in which almost every course (including dessert) either utilized  my Midwest Mermaid Muse Land & SEAsoning with additional seaweed/and or mushrooms to show the great variety of ways these two superfoods can be included as Food As Medicine.

The last two days, I have been prepping food for a donation to a local homeless shelter and dropped everything off late this morning. While cooking, I heard the news on the television and the story of the recent senseless murders in two of our USA cities were being discussed.

As usual, the news rarely shows any positive reports about how people come out into the community to help our world heal from immoral insanity. It is really easy to become depressed and feel really hopeless and lose hope. 

I am so glad I took the time to donate my energy to making the food because just the act of doing it made my soul feed nourished knowing I was doing a little something positive for others. I know I can’t alleviate the pain for these poor families who lost a loved one but I do think doing something positive helps sustain hope for compassionate response to others in need.  

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