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It’s the Right Time to Heal Your Mind, Body & Spirit

Our world is in a topsy-turvy disruption from all of the negative violence (with some positive responses) to that violence and blind hatred in our culture.  Our society and what we have become as a nation and inhabitants of our earth need healing after recognizing and admitting our shortcomings as mindful intelligent people.
The stress from feeling powerless at times to make a difference affects not only our well being in our bodies but our world consciousness as a whole. Different sources are sharing ways we can make a difference and support emotionally, financially and politically the need to make amends for past bad behavior in treatment of our fellow human beings, animals and our earth.
QiGong2In that pursuit of trying to heal our historic treatment of neighbors and our earth, we have to learn how to internally heal our own individual mind, body and spirit to supply the energy to “keep on keepin’ on.”
This cosmic healing can be represented by many different modalities of self care which in turn supports care and concern for everything in and on our earth. Nutrition, music, art, exercise, meditation, gardening, the pursuit of any process that makes healing possible needs to be brought to our attention so that we may deal with the stress of “keepin’ on.”
In my own personal way of dealing with health issues both personally and with my husband’s immunotherapy program for dealing with prostate cancer, my reflection of the curriculum at Integrative Nutrition Health Coach program touched on so many areas of healing that it was hard to sometimes not feel even stressed about what path to choose to study and to share!  There is so much information out in the world of this Information Age that even this tip of the iceberg of vast exposure to education and awareness felt overwhelming.
I always think of that silly but meaningful question, “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time!”
Today as in the past with my blog and newsletters, I try to share tips from my own experience which brought meaning or importance to the healing journey for me personally and hope you like one bite at a time yourself.
The suggestion is new for me but it’s an ancient Chinese physical manifestation of healing mind, body and spirit is through the practice of Qi Gong.  Qi Gong means energy. And exercise of vital energy healing through breath and movement.


Qi Gong


My husband and I have been online students for the past several weeks and it so impresses me with its simple, effective, timely and effective results of breathing and moving that anyone can adjust to their own body’s requirements.
I would recommend and encourage you to sign up for Lee Holden’s 5 Day, 7 minutes per day introductory program for yourself and a friend to experience. (If you go to the website, you’ll also find Healing Video Series on various issues such as Depression, Anxiety, Better Bones, Better Joints, Headaches, Health Hearts, etc.)
My eventual goal is to create my own outdoor video presentation of these classes with a small group of friends (yes, with physical distancing) with a follow-up recreation of the Social Suppers I previously hosted in my home.
Social Suppers were dining and cooking experiences to learn about better lifestyle choices in a casual, fun and informal setting  in my home.
This could also be done in churches, gyms, clubs to help deal with the stresses of our time and generate patience with self care and love for ourselves and others.
Please let me know if you enjoyed the series and let’s get together!


Reminder: Laughter is the Best Medicine!

Recently, I received an email about laughing during a Qi Gong routine that someone had asked. Here’s Lee’s response about laughing during a Qi Gong routine:

“How fun! When you laugh during your practice it’s energy moving, releasing, and clearing. Your body is doing something it needs. What a great release. Enjoy it. Laughing is so good for you!”

Even in the most difficult times, laughter can give you a boost of joy and release pent up stress and anxiety. In fact, science shows laughter can be a powerful medicine. Laughter releases endorphins, the “feel-good” chemical in our brains… and could have an effect similar to antidepressants.

Laughter releases the neurotransmitter serotonin, which is the same brain chemical affected by antidepressants. It’s not clear how long the effect sticks around… but it is clear that laughter can help relieve depression and anxiety, at least temporarily.

Funny cats - Self picture. Selfie stick in his hand.So here’s Lee’s invitation to you today – do something that you KNOW will make you laugh. (Or ask someone for tickles?)

  • Watch silly cat videos on YouTube. 
  • Binge watch reruns of Golden Girls. 
  • Or do a few Qi Gong routines to get your energy moving.

Whatever you do, just make sure it’s something you know will get you laughing. Because when you laugh, you move, release, and clear energy. 



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