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Cauliflower is Still Hot

Yes, a couple of years ago, everyone was making everything out of Cauliflower. We even shared our own article in a blog post about “The Incredible Cauliflower.” Recently via Cooking Light/Real Simple, they shared 9 healthy, store-bought ways to enjoy it to make consuming this healthy vegetable easier. So put some of these on your shopping list and introduce cauliflower in a whole new way to your family.

How Not to Die
And while we’re on the topic, late last year I purchased the book “How Not to Die (Discover the Food Scientifically Proven to Prevent and Reverse Disease)” by Michael Greger, MD. He recommends at least one serving of cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, kale, collards) per day. A serving is 1/2 cup. 

He also recommends one daily form of exercise per day (read the “why” in his chapter on exercise). ALL systems are working together throughout your body, mind and spirit. “Food is thy medicine and medicine thy food!”

He also explains how to group “must have’s” per day to make living “wholefully” more complete yet simple and “doable”!

He also explains how to group “must have’s” per day to make living “wholefully” more complete yet simple and “doable!”

In summation of his guidelines, when  you want to eat cooked cruciferous vegetables, (rather than raw) for best nutritional absorption, remember this next part: an enzyme “trigger” lies awaiting in the form of sulforaphane. How to make that happen?

First, “Hack and Hold.”  Cut up your cruciferous vegetables first, either from the regular produce department or the prepped produce section of your grocery or even from the frozen food section.  Let the vegetable sit for 40 minutes.

Then cook and add a dusting of mustard powder, which has the ability to increase sulforaphane formation (which is a powerful cancer fighter) because the mustard has enzymes which “trigger” the formation of  sulforaphane which makes the vegetable more effective and nutrient dense.  Stir in the powdered mustard and enjoy.

By the way, additionally, to activate cooked greens to revitalize sulforaphane, add a few shreds of raw cruciferous vegetables (like purple cabbage) as a colorful textural garnish to the cooked greens to make them more nutritionally powerful as well.

These little tips and tricks help increase efficacy and if you are taking the time to make a healthy meal with love, it’s not that hard to take an extra few seconds to allow these vegetables to be their absolute best.

Hmm,  when dining out, I could add some more dried mustard to the Midwest Mermaid Muse Land & SEAsoning packets to sprinkle on my vegetables!  Easy, right?!!  This is  implementation of “mindful mouthfuls” even when dining out or picking-up carry out.


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