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Mermaid Sweet Potato Soup

Soup is already pretty healthy, so it’s easy to make substitutions that make the recipe really nutrient-dense, especially when we add our Land & SEAsoning and make potato soup with sweet potatoes. Plus sweet potatoes and our all-purpose seasoning really go well together. We put Land & SEAsoning on roasted sweet potatoes, on baked sweet… Continue reading Mermaid Sweet Potato Soup


Tocotrienols – What They Are and Why We Use Them

Those of you who have tried our brain-boosting Sea Shroom Beverage Booster and Sea Shroom Beverage Booster with Cacao are familiar with their benefits. You feel a sense of clarity, alertness and awareness above and beyond what’s there on a day without the booster. All of the ingredients work together to create this effect, but… Continue reading Tocotrienols – What They Are and Why We Use Them