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A Christmas Wish

Once in a great while, something happens that makes me feel even as a novice from the Midwest with no living seaweed in sight, that I am not alone in my studies of this complementary and updated ancient healing ingredient. For example, historically, edible seaweed and other plant resources and promotion of their properties for wellness are all original sources provided by Mother Earth if we just educate ourselves.  

For Christmas, I hope you find something or someone who gives you a sense of mutual selfless connection to someone or something you might not really ever get a chance to meet.  

Our world needs such connection at this crazy time.  The last two years of fear and separation and disregard for the freedom our brave countrymen both in the military and civilians who have risked their lives and those of their loved ones to support freedom with responsibility.  Wishing you the merriest of beautiful connections for your future and education of better self-care. 

These photos are from an unassuming “cookbook” by a small seaweed producer in Maine. Someday I hope to visit the aquatic farm and meet this remarkable man who has dreams of healing for those with serious diseases like cancer and with divine guidance is sharing his knowledge and contentment with purpose of life using his plant based passion. It is done with such love!

Please check the web site  once in awhile as I share new findings and old reminders of pursuing a wellness journey. 

In LOVE, wellness, beauty & gratitude, 
And the merriest of Christmas and Happy New Year,

Kathleen Foland
The Midwest Mermaid Muse

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