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Seaweed Products Rank #1 Among Top Food Trends

I recently ran across an article online from “5 Food Trends That Are About to Be Everywhere” is a recap of the Specialty Food Association’s Summer Fancy Food Show from July. The editor who attended the show summarized five food trends that will be “everywhere” in 2019. #1 on her list? Seaweed of course!

The article reported that the versatility of seaweed was on full display at the show. It was pointed out that seaweed is not just a booster for tea. The superfood showed up in snacks: toasted and sprinkled over popcorn. It was turned into barbecue, onion, and jalapeño chips. Microalgae, specifically Chlorella, took the place of eggs in a vegan mayonnaise, “giving the condiment a light, creamy texture without any seaweed taste.” Two other new products featured a jarred kelp purée, which can be stirred into smoothies, soups, sauces, and dips. And Japanese furikake-inspired seaweed sprinkles, “which can be used as a savory topping for everything from rice to toast.”

We are glad to see this broadened use of seaweed catching on. Our Land & SEAsonings spice mix is on top of this trend and can be used on a variety of meat and vegetable dishes for an additional flavor and nutrition boost. And yes, it tastes great sprinkled on popcorn! Its ingredients include organic seaweed powder, Hawaiian sea salt, dried Hawaiian seaweed, raw nori flakes, mushroom blend, onion powder, tumeric, cumin, coriander, garam masala blend and roasted red chili powder. (And by the way, the #2 ranked trend from the article happens to be mushroom-based products.)

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