Land & SEAsonings

Boost Flavor, Boost Your Health

Just a few suggestions from my kitchen for making tastier, healthier dishes. Sea palm strips are dried and put in sauces and broths to soften and add a nutritional and flavor boost. After simmering in broth of vegetables or stew I remove some of the liquid (sometimes adding a bit more in the blender) with the sea palm strips and purée in a blender. Then this is added back into the broth for a bit of a saltier flavor profile and the flavors of the spices from previously added seasonings all meld together for an Unami richness.

A dry rub can be made with our Land and SEAsoning and any other dried/fresh herbs along with a bit of high temp oil (avocado or macadamia nut) for sautéing. Chicken, fish, and even large chunks of vegetables can be used for a dry rub application . Grill/roast or sauté after the rub sits in these ingredients for one to three days for a layering of flavor enhancement.

And finally, do not use canola ever, even the so-called organic canola oil. It is one of the most “man-handled” over processed oils that is not acceptable to the body.

Try it out and let me know what dishes you made!

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