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Sharing A Personal Journey

As a health coach, I am constantly reminded of our own need for exploring our own individual personalized journey for a better health wellness and beauty.  

About 7-8 months ago my husband, Jim, was going through normal follow-up testing to see if he had any reoccurring prostate cancer. His cancer was addressed  with the HiFu radio wave therapy nine years ago in an alternative care clinic in the Bahamas. At that time, it was not an accepted typical allopathic form of care in United States even though the HiFu equipment is manufactured in the USA and was used for other forms of cancer. It was approved finally about 1 1/2 years ago.

Jim’s reoccurring small sites and slow growing new tumors were not able to be addressed by HiFu again. After many more tests and interviews with his regular doctor and oncologist, and changing his diet with more plants, more vegetables and fruit polypehenols, and a change in his routine, we decided to look into alternative care.  

Typical allopathic care is designed to break down the body so severely in our minds that the quality of his life in this next stage of his life was more important than simply accepting non-questioning-blind -acceptance of normal allopathic treatment.  

His doctors’  proposed treatment was long-lasting (over 6 months or more ) and only promised devastating results to his vitality and whole lifestyle and personality. Long story short, we chose this clinic (featured in the video) to jumpstart his own immune system. 

We also subscribed to a remarkably helpful online eight week cancer prevention and care video course on better self-care at home which I will share with you later. We flew to Mexico to begin this mind-body-spirit holistic system-based treatment Monday August 19.  
My hope is that our experience in this type of improved self-care proves to be the most important factor in recovery AND in the quality of his life while retaining vitality.

As Hippocrates said “food is my medicine.”  

We hope to help others who may be going through similar journeys and challenges.  We have learned already how it is so important it is to take charge of your own health and decide yourself what is best for you.

Take a look at some stories of others who have taken the journey Jim is taking now:


Audio Reflections:
Jim will be sharing audio reflections of his treatment here, so check back now and then to listen:

Week 1 – Audio Reflection #1, Day 2
Evening reflections after the first two days.

Week 1 – Audio Reflection #2, Day 3
Jim frankly has been surprised at how tasty the offerings are. They’re are not decadent brunch items but very good basic fare that supports wellness. For instance, for breakfast he had: veggie quiche with gluten free crust, a side of ancient mueslis style grain compote, shooter of apple cider vinegar/kombucha and a carrot and apple smoothie.

Week 1 – Audio Reflection #3, Day 4
Jim has lots of things to report, from getting his body moving on the Hypervibe to using oxygen and heat as part of his therapy. Overall things are looking good as evidenced on his blood panel, his numbers are already better, but hecredits that to Kathy for putting him on a similar regimen/diet before they came.

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  1. Hey Jim sounds like a very colorful time you are having. When Chris was in a hyperbaric chamber he got to watch TV. Insist on that and football season is beginning just in time. Or Interview with a Vampire might be an appropriate selection. Looking forward to your success stories!

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