Notes from Colombia, SA – Part 1

Kathleen and Jim in Colombia, SA

This post is Part 1 in a series about my trip to Colombia, South America. My husband Jim and I are in Colombia this January to explore stem cell rejuvenation for treating our restorative health. He is a high stress type A former jock who spends more time in his work and ignoring his body’s cues for better treatment. I am a high energy entrepreneur in the beauty and wellness field. After raising our children and trying to keep my husband from just “burning up,” and losing my mother to the ravages of Parkinson’s disease, I became a health coach after many years as a cosmetologist and salon owner.

I didn’t have to become a health coach to see that Jim needs to have as much natural boost for longevity because he just pushes himself so hard. He will never really retire as a trial attorney because he enjoys the practice of law so much he will probably just some day do a face plant at his desk and that will be it!  

Poblanos, Medellin

The stem cell rejuvenation is not completely approved by the FDA but this USA based company has a clinic in Medellin, Colombia. They use living stem cells from highly screened umbilical cords from volunteer donors, unlike the USA which uses non-living supportive stem cells and other naturally occurring cellular boosts for spot rejuvenation as well as IV for overall repair. Jim has had one IV injection in Kansas City which I believe after a few months his walk and gate improved. He said he gradually felt a little bit better over the next few months and he was open to idea of exploring stem cells further. 

I will be sharing with you over the next few days the beginning of our pursuit of stem cell rejuvenation for repair of old injuries and solutions for restorative health. We have been over the last three years, gradually eating healthier, cleaner foods and supplementing our diets with products that help build our immune system from years of toxin exposure and consumption .

(Click on the first photo below to see a larger view and to scroll through the brochure from the clinic. My surgeon was very impressed with the fact that Jim and I were using some supplements like seaweed and healing mushrooms for detoxing both prior to our treatment and as a continuing improvement for lifestyle.)

Colombia is a gorgeous country with lots of natural beauty and is regarded as having the 3rd best health system in the world. USA is #5.  (Colombia’s reputation for gang wars and such has been nearly 40 years ago and is not an issue for the citizens.)  The whole approach for medical tourism in Colombia is much more holistic and nurturing for mind, body and soul. A lot of expats come here to unwind and pause their busy lives to enjoy nature and have their treatment and then give their mind and bodies a chance to heal before being rushed back into the overly committed hectic 24/7 lifestyle we created for ourselves as a culture.   

If you want to know more about my past experience with cosmetic surgery last year in Cartagena, Colombia, just email me at kathleen@midwestmermaidmuse.com.

In wellness and beauty,
Kathleen/ Midwest Mermaid Muse

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  1. Kathy: Your health venture is intriguing. I just skimmed your blog but will read carefully in near future. Are you still in Colombia? Is permanent home still KCMO? I miss you. We must make time to get together soon to catch up. You look gorgeous as ever. Marcella

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