Insights from Ojai Part 2: Community Garden Tour

(Note: Part 1 of our adventure is covered in the previous blog, “Wellness and Beauty Insights from Ojai”)

The Ojai Herbal Symposium had a few optional choices for herbal use/applications. Ruth chose to do the Herbal Walk just a few miles away from the Theosophy center where most of the classes were held. We shared a few of those pictures in the previous blog. I chose the Earth Island Medicinal Herb Garden (a community garden tour).

I found out later after comparing notes with Ruth that we covered some of the same topics and applications of herbs and growing conditions. My guide of this community herbal garden was also its founder, Carol Wade. Her husband supported the garden by doing most of the construction and a lot of the elbow-grease through the years. A lot of the artistic elements and support structures were donated from individuals and businesses as part of recycling and re-purposing of interesting architectural elements.  (Watch below for a sample of Carol’s comments):

Carol, like a lot of professional gardeners , made initial sketches of design plans. Sometimes it would take a year or more to complete; but as usual, nature sometimes has her own ideas. The garden grew as a co-mingling of planning along with nature’s ways to produce ever-changing elements of the  garden.  

I hope you enjoy a few pictures and the above video of her heartfelt passion of how to use companion plants and growing them successfully. She further went on to explain foraging (harvesting) properly with respect for the ongoing growth of the plants. Her ultimate goal is to create self-help healing of our bodies and the soul of ourselves and of our earth.  

What a beautiful experience in just an hour in the desert/arid landscape on the outskirts of Ojai!

Editor’s Note:
As mentioned in Part 1 of this two-part blog, Kathleen and Ruth have recently renewed their childhood friendship and attended this Symposium together due to their shared interest in the topic. Kathleen sat down and shared some musings about friendship and the importance of renewing friendships…please take a listen, this is quite inspiring.

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