Crocus Sativus: Saffron Crocus – 200 Corms


Purchase a box of 200 corms at a discounted price through the Midwest Saffron Alliance. Will ship in late August to early September. Best is to plant them as soon as they arrive. If you can’t plant them immediately, it’s important to store them correctly: unpack them right away and put them in a dry place with plenty of air circulation, where the temperature is between 40 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

Price reflects $.75 per corm and Priority Shipping. Contact us at for local pick-up and/or for other quantities.


Each lilac-purple flower produces three red stigmas, which have been used for flavoring and coloring food since Roman times. The best time to harvest the stigmas is mid-morning on a sunny day when the flowers have fully opened and are still fresh. Carefully pluck the stigmas from the flowers with your fingers, then dry them in a warm place to preserve them for cooking. Store in a closed container.

  • Best planting time is September or October depending on your zone
  • Pick a spot in your garden that has well-draining soil and gets full sun.
  • Plant the saffron crocus corms about 2-3” deep and 2-3” apart, placing them in the ground with their pointy ends up and the ‘hairy’ skin down.
  • Water well once and wait about 6 weeks for the flowers to bloom.
  • After the saffron crocuses have bloomed don’t cut off the foliage. Leave it until it’s completely withered and yellow, then remove.


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