May, 2019

10 Tips for Helping You Get a Better Night’s Sleep

Getting enough sleep is important not only because it helps you feel better during the day, but because it plays a critical role in maintaining your good health. Here are ten things you can do now to get a better night’s sleep:

#1 – Create comfort.
Make sure your bedroom is a space that feels welcoming and comfortable so it’s a place you look forward to ending your day in.

#2 – Cool it off.
A bedroom should have a temperature between 65 and 67 degrees for comfortable sleeping. Turn down the thermostat or turn up the AC or open the window to get your room to the right temperature.

#3 – Sleep unplugged.
Keep laptops, tablets, smartphones and televisions out of your room. Not only do they offer distractions from sleep, but the blue light emitted by their screens disturbs sleep.

#4 – Sleep scents.
Aromatherapy can relax your body for sleep. Our new all-natural Clovelly Spray can be used on your sheets, pillow, the air around you, even on your skin. Made with seaweed, witch hazel, hibiscus and essential oils, it will detox and de-stress helping you to fall asleep.

#5 – Maintain quiet.
Make sure your bedroom is quiet and play some soft meditation music on a timer, or wear earplugs to block out sounds.

#6 – Gentle touch.
100% cotton sheets and pajamas provide a soft feel that is soothing. If you tend to feel hot while sleeping, choose moisture-wicking pajamas.

#7 – Get a new pillow.
A great mattress and a quiet comfortable room aren’t going to bring you wonderful sleep if you’re resting your head on a bad pillow. Replace your pillows every year and be sure they are giving you the neck and spine support you need.

#8 – Examine your mattress.
Take a moment to explore your mattress for lumps and valleys. These are signs your mattress is due for a replacement. If your mattress is more than five or seven years old, it’s time to replace it with a new model that gives you the support and comfort you need each night.

#9 – Keep it dark.
Light disrupts natural sleep. Prepare your room for sleep with room-darkening blinds or a sleep mask.

#10 – Use yoga.
Practice yoga nidra, a style of yoga that relaxes muscles and brings the mind and body to a restful state, before bedtime.

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