About Jay

Jay – at one of our tasting events dressed as “Merman”

Jay Fickess has known Kathleen, the Midwest Mermaid Muse, for over ten years. He met her when she was starting her journey as a new kind of entrepreneur. As she expanded her scope of services and interests, she came to Jay to help express those in print form.

Since then, Jay has come to be one of the mermen. Well, the only one. (The rest are mermaids). In this development, he has created logos, done layouts and a LOT of printing for Kathleen. He developed her first website for Presentations KC, which in addition to the start of Midwest Mermaid Muse, includes some of her other services. Jay has photographed products, done many tastings and has a couple of recipes of his own that include Land & SEAsoning.

Also a ghost writer, Jay will continue his journey with the Muse and others to help develop and define new and innovative products. At the same time, he will learn more about (and eat more) seaweed, its applications, benefits and recipes for it. Good cooking ahead.