Look Good, Feel Good with REAL Food

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Kathleen Foland The Midwest Mermaid Muse

I’m Kathleen Foland, a certified health coach and owner of The Midwest Mermaid Muse — I believe you can boost flavor and nutrition by adding simple plant-based foods and spices to your diet. I’m not a vegan, but I avoid processed foods. I make small-batch, all-natural culinary (and some topical) products here in Kansas City. By responding to the ad you just clicked, I’m offering you 25% off on your entire purchase (with a minimum purchase of $20) of any of my products (Use Promo Code: FEAST).

I’d suggest you check out my all-purpose seasoning – Land & SEAsoning. Packed with flavor and nutrients (many health benefits!!), it can be used on your favorite salads, vegetables, meats or seafood. Many of our customers use it as a popcorn seasoning, as well as a seasoning for roasted veggies. It contains organic seaweed powder, Himalayan sea salt, dried Hawaiian seaweed, nori flakes, mushroom blend, onion powder, turmeric, roasted red chili powder and a few more.

I encourage you to visit my entire site. Here you will learn about and can purchase our all- natural, topical and culinary products. But our site is much more than Our Store, it is about sharing a lifestyle that takes a dual approach to wellness and beauty.

  • My blog (Musings) shares a variety of topics about looking good and feeling good
  • Under Just for You, we’ll help you on your personal health journey with:
    • Tasty Recipes with healthy foods and some of our products, especially Land & SEAsoning
    • Tested and commonsense Health Tips
    • Other information/inspirations from our “Friends”
  • Because our products are made with Seaweed and Healing Mushrooms, you’ll find information about their uses and benefits as part of “Superfoods
  • We routinely showcase our products at special events, celebrations, holidays and fairs. In fact, we are a co-sponsor along with Somerset Ridge Vineyard & Winery of the Kansas City Nutrition & Wellness Festival in June of 2021.

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