A Message From Kathleen

Kathleen Foland The Midwest Mermaid Muse
Kathleen Foland

To my readers and friends who are just trying to build their immune system and have NO symptoms of Covid-19!  I am cautiously offering something from my health coach arsenal.

After I sold my salon and spa in Waldo I became a health coach partly because of my mother’s fatal Parkinson’s disease and partly because I knew that  nutrition just as Socrates said, “medicine is thy food and food is thy medicine.”

There are a few other tools in  that arsenal besides nutrition which I’m always posting on Facebook and occasionally on my website. There is one big trigger for illness—Stress! It is one of the worst things for us in so many ways and it lowers our immune system.   Therefore, I invested in a few tools to help build my immune system as I get older and I’d like to share that with you.

There are two pieces of equipment that I definitely recommend such the Hypervibe (Vibrational exercise platform)  which helps move the lymphatic system as well as build muscle and can be used for pain relief,  relaxation and massage-like benefits. It doesn’t take up much room in your space,  it’s not cheap but we’ve had one for two years at least maybe three and I highly recommend it.

The second piece of equipment is an infrared sauna.  The belief that the infrared sauna is so helpful in so many ways was reaffirmed for me when my husband Jim and I went to Hope4Cancer in Mexico and that was part of normal immunotherapy protocol. (Here’s an article on infrared sauna effectiveness for overall health, prevention and maintenance.)

If any of you (living in the Kansas City area) want to try out either or one of these tools in my home, (one appointment at a time with sanitizing after and before each appointment of course! ) please just call me and let’s see if this helps you. PLEASE do not call or arrange if you have any symptoms or suspect you might have been exposed to Covid-19.  I will also give you some mushroom products I make that address the immune system as well. 

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